We are a firm located in Cancun, composed of lawyers who work under the strictest standards of ethics and professionalism. Our objective is to provide the best assistance and legal defense to our clients, in order to help them to develop their personal or business activities with the efficiency and security they need.


We specialized in tax and administrative legal defense. The Director of the firm has seventeen years of experience on this matter. He has worked more than five years in the Federal Court of Taxation and Administrative Justice and has provided clients with the best possible accomodation to legal matters.

•  Tax and Administrative advice and litigation.

•  Immigration proceedings.

•  General law practice.

•  Contracts and agreements.

•  Real estate administration.

•  Civil law.

We make sure that our clients get the refund of their money when they request the cancellation of their contract within 5 days after the signature.

There exists a five business day period of cancellation (business days do not include Saturday, Sunday or Holiday in Mexico), during which the contract does not become perfected, for sales that are described as “at domicile, mediate or indirect”. This indicates those sales that are proposed or carried out, outside the local or establishment of the provider, including the rental of chattels and the rendering of services. This also applies to the selling of timeshare rights.

This 5 day right of cancellation is not waivable (the buyer cannot give it up) and even if the buyer is convinced to sign a document to give it up, that waiver is not valid and the buyer still has the 5 day right.

PROFECO is a government entity; it is the equivalent of the consumer protection agency in the US. It is an administrative office and they oversee all of the timeshare complaints. We act on behalf of the client at PROFECO and file a claim against the sales club, making the refund of the client’s money be real and effective within 15 days after the cancellation notice is received.

We will be present at every hearing working with your best interest as our priority. PROFECO has openly recognized that many timeshare providers in Mexico DO NOT respect the purchaser 5 day cancellation period to terminate the contract, that is why it is easier to cancel the contract with legal help and we are trustable lawyers who can assist you in the cancellation process, before and after the 5 days limitation.

Personal injury claims can range from collecting on a simple fender bender to highly catastrophic accidents, resulting in serious injury and wrongful death. In any case, insurance carriers may seek to limit claims, make low offers to settle early on, and take your statements to prevent future collection of compensation. It is important to know your rights and the value of your claim at the outset. At Quezada Herrera Abogados, we will handle all aspects of your claim, dealing with insurance companies directly on your behalf. We work to protect your rights, your claims, and maximize recovery after an accident.

Our personal injury team will begin an immediate investigation to collect and preserve all necessary evidence related to your case. We will consult with witnesses, review medical documentation, collect hospital and police records, and leave no stone unturned to build your personal injury case.

It is our priority to aggressively promote your interests so that you can collect on the full value of your claim. We will maximize your compensation for medical expenses, long-term care needs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any additional losses you and your family may have suffered.

We know how difficult it can be for our clients and their families. Primarily, we work to recover the compensation you need as soon as possible. We will not keep your case tied up in litigation longer than necessary and will take every necessary step to get your full recovery as soon as possible. While our attorneys seek to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf, we are also prepared to take any case to trial when necessary.


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