We are a firm located in Cancun, composed of lawyers who work under the strictest standards of ethics and professionalism. Our objective is to provide the best assistance and legal defense to our clients, in order to help them to develop their personal or business activities with the efficiency and security they need.


We are a law firm founded in 2008 in Cancun that is governed by the highest professional and ethical standards. Constantly exposed to legal changes, our lawyers have extensive experience in their areas of expertise.

The specialization and development of each area of ​​the professional practice of our firm, its coordination, the support between them and a deep knowledge of the reality and trends of the current world, in the patrimonial, business and real estate field, offers our clients innovative comprehensive solutions, with preventive and strategic advice.

In the fiscal and administrative field, we are a highly specialized firm in defending the rights of taxpayers by interposing the means of defense established in our legislation, providing absolute legal certainty before the authorities of the three levels of government.

As tax lawyers, we offer the following services:

» Tax defense against credits determined by the Tax Administration Service through the filing of defense resources established by law.

» Advice during home visits and cabinet reviews.

» Legal and accounting defense during and after electronic audits carried out by the Tax Administration Service.

» Attention and defense against presumption procedures established in article 69-B of the Federal Tax Code. (EFOS and EDOS)

» Consulting on the prevention of money laundering and legal defense through the interposition of the law suits established in the Law in case of a review by SAT through the Financial Intelligence Unit, as well as a defense against the imposition of sanctions.

» Tax penalty litigation.

» Attention to requirements formulated by any fiscal authority.

» Advice, processing, and litigation of requests for return of balances in favor.

» In general, any advice or litigation regarding problems with the IMSS, SAT, INFONAVIT, State Treasury, etc.

» Litigation in customs matters. We defend those who have initiated an administrative procedure in customs matters (PAMA), and we challenge customs liquidations, compensatory fees, fines, and other determinations by the customs authorities.

» Filing of administrative appeals before any tax authority.

» Preparation and filing of claims for annulment before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.

» Amparos both direct and indirect before the Judicial Power of the Federation.

» Litigation in environmental matters, against resolutions by PROFEPA, SEMARNAT and any other environmental authority, whether federal, state, or municipal.

» Advice and litigation on consumer protection in relation to:

     1. Preparation and registration of adhesion contracts before PROFECO.

     2. Preparation and handling of complaints, reports, and claims.

     3. Cancellation of timeshare contracts.

     4. Cancellation of contracts in general.

     5. Conciliation procedures.

» Litigation before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice against administrative sanctions.

» Advice on intellectual and industrial property:

     1. Registration of trademarks, commercial notices, and distinctive signs.

     2. Assistance in obtaining valid bar codes for commerce.

     3. Protection of musical, literary, cinematographic works, etc.

     4. Preparation of license contracts, assignment of rights, etc.

     5. Services related to patents, industrial models and designs, domains, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

» Advice and litigation regarding administrative responsibilities of public servants.

» Advice, applications, paperwork, and litigation of federal maritime zone concessions before the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

» Advice and filing of compensation claim for damages in matters of state liability, before any federal, state or municipal authority and belonging to the executive, legislative or judicial power.

» Advice and litigation in all kinds of administrative procedures initiated at the request of a party or ex officio by federal authorities in terms of the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure.

» Advice and litigation in matters related to public works contracts, acquisitions, leases and services entered into between individuals and federal, state and municipal administrative authorities.

Within this area, QHA provides services as real estate agency and law firm; we deal with the structuring, negotiation and implementation of operations related to real estate for commercial, tourist or residential use (both in urban and rural areas), as well as everything related to the start of activities and registration of developments, condominiums, subdivisions, and zoning, providing the following services:

» Finding de ideal property for our clients that accomplish the specific needs and verifying the legal status in order to have a secure purchase or operation.

» Promoting our clients properties on sale or rent.

» Promise or definitive contracts regarding the purchase and sale of real estate.

» Elaboration of Leasing contracts.

» Trusts on restricted area.

» Search of records in the Public Registry of Property and National Agrarian Registry, encumbrances, and affectations.

» Operation agreements of hotel and tourist developments, shopping centers, corporate and industrial parks.

» Construction contracts.

» Contracts for the improvement and modification of real estate.

» Structuring, negotiation, and execution of real estate operations of any kind, including leases, exchanges, encumbrances, preferential rights and easements.

» Preparation of documents and negotiations regarding construction for industrial, commercial, tourist and residential use, including condominiums and developments in general.

» Representation before government agencies and participation in adjoining disputes.

» Proof of zoning and land use.

» Audits and specialized investigations in order to advise and determine with certainty the status of real estate with respect to encumbrances, ejidal property, as well as the review of the necessary permits for its construction or development, including administrative and environmental matters.

» Elaboration of contracts and developments related to the new legal figure called “multi-ownership”, a different way to co-ownership to acquire real estate and its regulation in the most important vacation areas of the country.

» Advice on real estate matters from the perspective of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, both in leasing and in the alienation of real estate.

» Presentation of notices and procedures in the money laundering prevention portal.

» Tax advice on real estate matters, both to individuals and legal entities regarding the alienation of real estate as well as residential and commercial leases.

» Calculation and determination of Income Tax for the alienation of real estate by legal entities.

» Filing of final annual federal tax returns for the disposal of real estate and processing of returns for balances in favor.

» Planning and patrimonial shielding.

» We have agreements with different Public Notaries in the State of Quintana Roo for the direct provision of all kinds of notarial services in real estate.

We advise our Mexican and foreign clients on everything related to the constitution and corporate operation of their company, addressing, among other issues, the following:

» Advice and legal assistance for the constitution of commercial and civil companies, considering the fiscal aspect.

» Preparation of corporate books.

» Preparation of share certificates.

» Elaboration, preparation, and assistance in meetings, whether ordinary or extraordinary, of companies, considering the tax repercussion in certain cases.

» Preparation of contracts of a civil and commercial nature, considering their fiscal impact and in terms of money laundering prevention.

» Corporate regularization of companies.

» Protocolization of assemblies and other procedures before a Notary Public.

» Registration of legal acts before the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

» Foreign investment.

» Equity, guarantee and business trusts.

Our firm has agreements in different Public Notaries in the State of Quintana Roo that make our work more efficient and allows us to provide a better service to our clients.

The services in the immigration area that our firm provides, includes everything related to the processing and obtaining the legal stay in Mexico of those foreigners who wish to reside temporarily or permanently in our country, as well as the various procedures before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. to obtain Mexican nationality.

Within the different branches of specialization of our Firm, an important part of our professional practice includes everything related to advice and planning in immigration matters, both personal and business.

Since 2008, our Firm has provided immigration advice to both foreigners and Mexican and foreign companies.

In the attention of the various migratory matters, we offer specialized advice for the planning of the admissions of foreigners to the country, always complying with the guidelines established by the General Population Law and its Regulations in force, to avoid setbacks and migration problems, both for companies and foreigners.


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